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Could a unified healthcare database be a reality? Oracle thinks so.

November 2021 I posted an opinion about the cost and risks associated with our healthcare data being fragemented.

In an article published this morning by Becker's Healthcare - Oracle is planning a unified national healthcare database. Will it work? - Laura Dyrda - it is the vision of Larry Ellison, the chair, co-founder and chief technology officer of Oracle.

The need for this interoperable data platform is critical to address quality of care, reduce the cost of administrative waste and harness value of all that data in one place to carve the future for care.

The article talks about hospital data nation wide - there is so much more data out there though - providers; pharmacy; genetics and wearable divices just to name a few. I guess you have to start somewhere.

How would you feel about a private sector entity overseeing all of the data about you? Do you think there can ever be a united front focused on solving some of the major healthcare issues together?

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