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Who We Are


Tracey Spangenberg was born in Durban, South Africa and studied pharmacy at the University of Kwa Zulu Natal. When the opportunity to move and work in the USA presented itself, there was no question she was all-in and was fortunate enough to begin her American life in the Greater San Diego area.

 As a life-long learner and adventurer with an insatiable curiosity towards a variety of different fields, Tracey has navigated through a variety of roles and experiences as a pharmacy professional. She is now using these skills and her inherent talents as a professional consultant and founder of TJS Consulting. Her servant leadership style and passion for helping others be the best possible version of themselves has served her well as a leader of teams, allowing leaders to find the genius in themselves and those they serve. Her innate business acumen, ability to quickly understand operational opportunities, collaborate, plan, and execute have led to a multitude of operational optimization success stories delivering savings, process improvement, growth, and experience improvements. Her ability to articulate a vision and customize a message that is embraced by all levels has facilitated transformative change in organizations, galvanizing teams behind a common goal.

Harvesting the collective genius in any organization is the “secret sauce” for going from good to great. This involves recognizing and empowering individuals to bring their individual genius to push the collective to their goal through integrated collaboration. It is foundational for change management and transformation.

Whether it be surfing the California waves, getting her pilot's license, nose diving into the beach sand playing volleyball, or trying to keep track of the pickleball score while laughing a lot—Tracey gives it her all. Having fun is a requirement for everything.

She is passionate about many things, but picks global plastic pollution— specifically the pacific garbage patch— to be the one she wants to invest time and funds to address. With a special place in her heart for the incredible work that International Relief Teams does to help with disaster recovery. It is with this in mind that a portion of the proceeds for TJS consulting will be donated to these causes.


Michelle Taylor is a Southern California native with a degree in Communications and a passion for art. She is always looking to improve and perfect her craft to help her bring the visions of others to life.
Working alongside Tracey is a natural fit as they both come together to create the unique visual style of TJS Consulting. Michelle illustrates the graphics as well as provides technical support for the blog posts, project oversight and content of the website.

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