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Finding your genius so you lead and live daily with your highest potential.

Allow us to help you get things done by harvesting the collective genius of the individuals in your organization, aligned to strategic goals and the organizational  vision, so that together we get results.

  (A portion of the proceeds are donated to address global plastic pollution  and disaster relief)

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"I have been under a lot of pressure at work trying to meet deadlines and was feeling overwhelmed by the circumstances. A job that I used to enjoy became something I hated and it was affecting my overall mental health. The ”Finding Your Genius” program was very helpful in compartmentalizing the various activities that make up our lives and presenting them in different chart formats that enabled me to see things more clearly. I was able to realize that while I hated aspects of my current job there were still basic things I enjoyed. I was also able to identify other activities I enjoyed outside of work. Finding an inner peace and a more enjoyable life can be obtained by balancing the activities presented in the charts. The course somehow managed to add logic to address emotion which was very appealing to me."




"At first I was a bit hesitant to have Tracey help me "Find My Genius".  I mean, what if I don't really have one, or what happens to me if I have one, then what?  

I am now certain that jumping into this program with Tracey was exactly what I needed and I honestly think that everyone needs this.  My rudder was stuck.  I wasn't liking my work very much and I was coming home exhausted and mentally drained most days.  I thought I could just get myself together by myself.

Tracey helped me rediscover myself professionally, spiritually and emotionally.  I am a logical thinker and it made perfect sense to identify my likes, my dislikes, my skills, my happy places and my plan for me and my family.  She helped me unpack everything and then to realign my priorities with an actual roadmap to follow.  Tracey was there 100% in her kind, supportive, caring and genuine way.  Her years of experience was abundantly clear and she was able to help me unstick my rudder and to find joy and purpose on my way to become a better person. Thank you Tracey!"




Finding Your Genius!

Lead your business, teams and yourself by leveraging your talents .

Using a data driven approach we will examine who you are right now, how you invest or spend your time, align skills and talents to your purpose both professionally and personally, articulate your vision, do a gap analysis and set a personal roadmap. 

Email us to schedule a FREE 30 minute introduction to learn more.

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Business Plan

Business Optimization

 Get Things Done!

Using a proven 5 step process.

 Define the vision and strategy. Perform an end to end "diagnostic analysis" of the current state.

Identify gaps with specific actions to develop roadmaps aligned to the strategic goals.

Optimally align resources.

Establish a change management plan to keep the team rowing in the same direction while measuring progress.

You will have key resources focused on where the value is while leveraging thier genius and set you up to deliver results quickly

Harvesting the Collective Genius

We specialize in small businesses looking to do more with less. 

Email us for an initial 1 hour Free assessment

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